• Recommended Configurations

    Basic Edition
    Hong Kong, China
    • 1 vCore
    • 2G
    • 20G SSD
    Basic Edition
    Hong Kong, China
    • 2 vCores
    • 4G
    • 50G SSD
    Basic Edition
    Hong Kong, China
    • 4 vCores
    • 8G
    • 20G SSD

    Video introduction

    The database system, which has high availability, is equipped with the new generation CPU of Intel, 2666hz DDR4
    memory and SSD cloud storage. Users can manage and monitor the database online

    • High available version
    • Read/Write splitting version
    • Basic version


    High Performance

    Based on enterprise-level SSD storage, it provides excellent read and write performance, and combined with Read/Write Splitting technology to improve business response efficiency

    High Availability

    The primary instance and the secondary instance are deployed on different servers. When the primary instance is unavailable, the secondary instance will take over the service

    High Reliability

    Flexible backup strategy with multi-level storage backup architecture to provide database services with higher reliability

    Automatic Scaling

    The system automatically lifts and disposes according to actual usage requirements, no user operation is required


    Quick Start

    One-click creation of a database
    instance and immediate access
    to complete database services

    Flexible Configuration

    In order to meet flexible
    configuration requirements, the
    system provides a wealth of
    database-related configuration

    Comprehensive Monitoring

    Provides rich and intuitive
    monitoring information charts,
    and the running status of the
    database is clear at a glance

    Multi-version Support

    Support for MySQL 5.6,
    MySQL 5.7, Mysql 8.0

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